Social Media Real Estate 2016

Social Media Real Estate

Real estate has gone through an evolution in the last few years in how we market and brand ourselves and company. Traditional means of marketing such as newspaper, brochures, mailers, cold calling are becoming out of date. This generation of buyers/sellers are more "online-centric", where they rather search for information themselves before reaching out to a professional.

This is why sites like Zillow and Redfin are winning. They provide so much content that future buyers and sellers will approach them first when they are ready for a transaction.  Now the question is, how do you win against a multi-billion corporation. The answer is quite simple, you utilize the same strategies but make it better for the clients.


Content Driven Relationship

We are in the social media revolution, where people rather search up information themselves first.  The strategy is to be the person who provides them with the content and information.  Gary Vaynerchuck, best-selling author and one of the leading experts in social media, said it  best in his book “Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook.” Business owners, big or small need to “jab” aka, create content before going for the “right hook” asking for a sale. We are in that period of time in the social media revolution where everything is evolving so fast but there is one constant in this generation. Everyone is on the damn cell phone, every minute of the day, or at least in reach distance of a cell phone every minute of the day. Everyone is on some sort of social media outlet and here is a list of social media outlet to consider for your real estate business.